Computer System Hangs During Initialization

Computer System Hangs During Initialization

Learn how to resolve the symptom, when the power light is on, but the computer system hangs during initialization.

In computer, the video might be active, but there might be no content in the display. The power on self-test (POST) has detected by a fault and is unable to continue with the initialization process.

BIOS makers mark the completion of each POST step by writing single-byte hexadecimal completion codes to port 80h. Turn off and unplug the PC, the insert a POST to read the completion codes.

Restart the computer and find the last code to be written before the initialization stops; that is the likely point of failure. You can determine the meaning of the POST code by finding the BIOS maker (usually displayed in the initial moments of power-up).

Without a POST board available, it will be challenging to identify the problem.

By following these steps, you can resolve the computer system hangs issue during the initialization.

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