Create Parameter List Example in Oracle Forms

Create Parameter List Example in Oracle Forms

In Oracle Forms, the parameter list is used to pass parameters between forms and reports. You can create parameter list using create_parameter_list command in Oracle Forms.

Create_Parameter_List Example

p_id paramlist;


p_id := Get_Parameter_List('p_list');

IF NOT Id_Null(p_id) THEN

p_id := CREATE_PARAMETER_LIST ('p_list');

ADD_PARAMETER (p_id, 'P_EMPNO', text_parameter, EMP.empno);
ADD_PARAMETER (p_id, 'P_SALARY', text_parameter, EMP.sal);

OPEN_FORM ('emp_tran', activate, no_session, p_id);


The above example will call the emp_tran form by passing empno and sal column values from EMP block. Assuming that parameters P_EMPNO and P_SALARY exists in the emp_tran form.

Note: Parameters used in ADD_PARAMETER command should exist in the calling form or in the report.

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