Generate PL/SQL Procedure Template

Generate PL SQL Procedure Template From Comma Separated Columns

Paste comma-separated column names of your SQL query below to generate PL SQL code. For example empno, ename, job, deptno, mgr, sal etc. And then click on Submit button to generate PL/SQL Procedure template for your development. This procedure template is for the update and inserts purpose currently. Further, you can modify that template according to your requirement. After copying the code paste in your text editor and just replace all occurrences of TableName with your actual table name. Definitely, you need to modify more that you can do it easily. If will definitely speed-up your development work.

Paste comma separated columns below then click on Submit. Then copy the code from below.

e.g.: empno, ename, deptno, mgr, hiredate, sal, comm