How to Request Index in Google's New Search Console?

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  • 1 min read

In Google's New Search Console, the method for Indexing a page is little changed. In the old version of Search Console to index a page, we used to go to the menu Crawl > Fetch as Google, and then after submitting the URL, we click on the Request Index button. But in the New Search Console, it became effortless, or you can say just one step to request index your website page on Google.

Follow These Steps To Request Index For URL on Google's New Search Console

  1. In the New Search Console, you will find the Inspect any URL box on the top.
  2. Copy & paste your website's full URL in the Inspect any URL box and then hit enter.
  3. It will show you the URL details, as shown in the below example screen-shot. Then you can see the right side Request Indexing button. Click on it, and your web site's URL now submitted for indexing on Google.

Request Indexing on Google's New Search Console