How to View Database Tool Window in PyCharm?

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After installing the PyCharm IDE for Python, you might notice that database window is missing in View > Tool Windows menu. In this article, I am giving an example of how to enable or view the database tool window in PyCharm.

Follow These Steps To Enable / View The Database Tool Window in PyCharm

  1. In PyCharm, click on the menu File > Settings.
  2. Then the Settings window will open as shown in the below image.

enable or view database tool window in PyCharm

  1. In the Settings window, click on the Browse Repositories button, then Browse Repositories window will open. In the search box above write the database to search for database plugins, and you will find a database navigator plugin in below the part, then click on the install button, as shown in the below image.

install database navigator plugin in PyCharm to view database window

  1. After installing the button will convert to Restart PyCharm button and click on it to restart the PyCharm. Now you would be able to view the database tool window in PyCharm, as showing in the below images.

PyCharm database tool window missing

Create new database connection in PyCharm

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