JavaScript beautifier.

JavaScript Beautifier | JavaScript Formatter

Paste the JavaScript code below and click on the Beautify button to format the code.

This JavaScript beautifier is a web-based tool to format JavaScript code for the better readability of the code. Just paste the JavaScript code above and click on the Beautify button to format the code.

JavaScript Beautifier: A Simple Yet Powerful Tool to Make Your JavaScript Code More Beautiful

JavaScript is an amazing language. It has a lot of powerful concepts and functionalities to build complex applications. But it is not perfect. The JavaScript syntax can be a little bit tricky sometimes and the development process is also time-consuming, especially for those who are just starting out or for those who are new to JavaScript code formatting tools.

That’s why every developer should have a tool like JavaScript Beautifier that helps you to clean your code, improve readability and make your code more elegant by formatting it in a proper fashion so that it looks beautiful from both human and machine perspectives. It supports most of the modern languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, ES6, etc., and it also supports older JavaScript syntaxes like ECMAScript 2015 and ECMAScript 6. This tool is written in JavaScript itself so there is no need for any additional dependencies.

How to Use JavaScript Beautifier Online?

  1. Copy your JS code and add it to the above textarea.
  2. Then click on the Beautify button to beautify the JavaScript code.
  3. The JS code is now beautified, you can click on the Copy To Clipboard button to copy the formatted JS code.