How to Get Table Script in Oracle SQL Developer?

This tutorial explains how to get table script in Oracle SQL developer. A table script in Oracle is a DDL

10+ Programming Languages FizzBuzz Program Examples

Nowadays, most interviewers ask the candidate to write the FizzBuzz program. So here I am, giving the 10+ programming languages

Install Oracle SQL Developer 19.1 on Mac OS with JDK 8

In this tutorial, I am giving the steps to install Oracle SQL Developer 19.1 on Mac OS (Mojave) with JDK

Continue Statement in PHP

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Continue Statement in PHP. What is Continue Statement in PHP? It

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How to Save Data in Oracle Database Using Python?

Use connection.commit() method to save data in Oracle Database using Python. The below is an example: Save Data in Oracle Database Using Python Example In

Vinish Kapoor Vinish Kapoor 1 Min Read

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Explainable AI (XAI) for Complex Systems

Cracking the AI code: Illuminating the enigmatic depths of complex systems with Explainable AI (XAI) - a cheery breakthrough!

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CMOS Setup Problem - Computer Message

Learn how to resolve the issue when you see CMOS setup problem computer message. Follow these steps to check the

In Computer, You See No Hard Drive Light Activity

Learn how to resolve the issue on the computer when there is no hard drive light activity. The boot drive

The Application of Bio-Inspired Computing in Robotics and Computer Vision

Introduction In the world of technology, scientists and engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve the capabilities of machines

10 Best Laptops for BCA Students Under ₹40,000 in India

A Laptop is an important tool if you are a BCA student aspiring to become a programmer. All BCA colleges

Data Analysis

Operations on DataFrames in R

In this article, we will discuss some key operations that can be performed over the

Working with Columns and Rows of Data Frames in R

When working with data, it’s common to have a set of observations organized into structured

How to Create Diagonal Matrix in Julia?

To create a diagonal matrix in Julia, you can use the Diagonal function from the

Check if a Key is in Dictionary using Julia

In Julia, you can use the in keyword to check if a key is in


No value exists in scope for the short property in JavaScript

In JavaScript, a "no value exists in scope" error for a short property can occur if you are trying to

Check if Object is Not Empty in JavaScript

To check if an object is not empty in JavaScript, you can use the Object.keys() method to get an array

HTML5: How to Set Viewport Meta Tag

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set the viewport meta tag in HTML. When you build a web

What are Array Methods in JavaScript?

Array methods are built-in functions in JavaScript that allow you to manipulate and work with arrays. There are many array

HTML Head Tag

Every HTML document should have exactly one head section. This is where we tell things "about" our web pages, such

HTML: Learn to Code Core Attributes

Besides the attribute you've learned so far, HTML provides some core attributes that you can use with most elements. In


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