Importing Data from Facebook to Excel 2016

Importing Data from Facebook to Excel 2016

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Excel 2016 has an option to get data from Facebook. It can be useful to store your Facebook page details to Excel so that maybe you can import it into any database as well. Follow these steps to import data from Facebook to Excel 2016.

Get Data From Facebook To Excel

1. Click on Data tab, then click on Get Data Menu > From Online Services > From Facebook. As shown below:

facebook to excel

2. A warning window will appear just click on Continue and then another window will appear. In the first field provide facebook page name and on the second drop-down list select posts and click OK. As shown below:

import data from facebook to excel

3. Then It will ask you to connect to your Facebook account. Provide the credentials and grant access to Microsoft to access your Facebook page details.

And your task is complete now. It will fetch all the posts data into Excel worksheet.

importing data from facebook to excel 2016