Python Program to Find Minimum and Maximum Value in Dictionary

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Here is an example of a Python program to find the minimum and maximum value in a dictionary and print by sorting in ascending order.

Python Program to Find Min and Max Value in a Dictionary

prices = {
   'ABCL': 42.23,
   'AENO': 632.58,
   'IBM': 235.25,
   'HPQ': 32.21,
   'FB': 13.35

# Find min and max price
min_price = min(zip(prices.values(), prices.keys()))
max_price = max(zip(prices.values(), prices.keys()))

print('min price:', min_price)
print('max price:', max_price)

print('sorted prices:')
prices_sorted = sorted(zip(prices.values(), prices.keys()))
for price, name in prices_sorted:
    print('    ', name, price)


min price: (13.35, 'FB')
max price: (632.58, 'AENO')
sorted prices:
FB 13.35
HPQ 32.21
ABCL 42.23
IBM 235.25
AENO 632.58

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