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10 Best CSS Books As Of Nov 2022

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Are you an aspiring computer science student? Are you an expert professional in IT looking to expand your skillset? Or do you want to brush up on your CSS knowledge? For whatever reason, you need a book because a book can give you the maximum education at your convenience. This list we prepared contains the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the visual beautifier for dull pages made with a markup language. The usage of CSS is along with markup languages like HTML, XHTML, XUL, etc. CSS is generally one of the main features of front-end development. With a good grip on CSS, a developer can create visually aesthetic web pages and web content. The books discussed here have all the necessary information for creating and managing a web page with CSS. Read on to know about the books that will give you important knowledge on CSS.

10 Best CSS Books As Of Nov 2022

1. CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems - Lea Verou

CSS is one of the most famous books that gives knowledge on CSS that is not found anywhere else. The author Lea Verou gives us a peek at 47 undocumented methods to solve everyday problems faced by developers. Many people who read this book started using the concepts and found easy solutions to their programming troubles. The book includes backgrounds, shapes, visual effects, UX, animations, and structures topics. CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems holds first place in the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022.

Lea Verou, a Greek national and the author of this book, is a research assistant at MIT CSAIL. She is a great developer, speaker, and author on topics related to front-end development. Verou has given over 60 speeches at international seminars sharing her varied expertise in the field. This particular book by Lea Verou holds an important place in the CSS world. The numerous forewords by industry leaders at the beginning of the book show how beneficial this book is for developers.

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2. CSS Pocket Reference: Visual Presentation for the Web - Eric A. Meyer

The book is what it says. A perfect guide to any student or professional because of its various topics. The topics in the book are well arranged and easily accessible. Want another plus point? It is available as a pocket diary. That is why most web designer reviewers of this book say that they don’t leave home without it. The author Eric A. Meyer is a celebrity in web designing because of his contributions to CSS.

The author of this book, Eric A. Meyer, is an American web design consultant by profession. Meyer is also an author of several books on web standards, especially CSS, of which he is a vocal advocate. He is currently working in Complex Spiral Consulting. Meyer is also a co-founder of CSS Test suite, CSS Samurai, and Global Multimedia Protocols Group.

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3. CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions - Cameron Moll, Andy Budd, Simon Collison

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert professional in CSS. The book is not just beginner level as it can also solve problems faced by professionals. The book provides professional-level insights on managing, applying, creating, layouting, and error fixing CSS. This book is popular because of the many examples that display how to fix a problem.

Cameron Moll is an industry leader in UX and contributes to the community through books, mentoring, and consulting. Andy Budd is an entrepreneur in web designing and is one of the most successful web designers in the UK. Simon Collison is a web and graphic designer from the UK who has a lot of experience in CSS and HTML frameworks. These three authors helped create one of the most popular books among the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022.

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4. Learn CSS in One Day and Learn It Well - Jamie Chan

This book is capable of doing what it says. It can teach CSS in a day. With plenty of examples and practice exercises, this book provides means to learn and grow skills. There are also several bonus projects which will increase the practical knowledge of the reader. Jamie Chan lists all the common CSS features in an easy language. It is one of the most popular among the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022.

Jamie Chan is an expert in various top programming languages. She is the author of various books on various programming languages. All the books are easy to understand and cover everything from basic concepts for beginners to pro expert skills. Jamie Chan breaks down complex tools into understandable concepts in Learn CSS in One Day and Learn It Well.

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5. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites - Jon Duckett

The book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites is completely written and designed by Jon Duckett. Duckett explains all the topics relating to CSS like Basic Concepts, Utilization, and Boosting web designing in an easy language. What readers find attractive in this book are the illustrations. Duckett himself created these illustrations as an explanatory tool along with the data.

Jon Duckett is a famous web designer with almost two decades of experience. He has been in association with Major Global companies, providing them consultancy on web designing. Duckett is also the author and co-author of several books on web designing. You can learn about CSS from this particular book which is a visual masterpiece in CSS education.

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6. A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS: Learn it faster. Remember it longer. - Mark Myers

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS is a part of the A Smarter Way campaign of Mark Myers. Like most of the books in the series, this book also provides the reader with cut-through techniques in mastering CSS. Readers enjoy learning through this book because of the language, presentation, and layout of technical details. Several beginners compliment this book for effortlessly teaching them CSS and HTML skills.

Mark Myers, a US programmer and Harvard alumnus is the author of several A-Smarter-Way-To-Learn books. Apart from this book, Myers authored books on Python, JavaScript, and jQuery. Myers provides services in a broad array of CSS tools and features easy enough for an apprentice in CSS web designing. Mark Myers brings in all the expertise from his career into this wonderfully written book.

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7. Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS: Develop future-proof responsive websites using the latest HTML5 and CSS techniques - Ben Frain

Ben Frain lists responsive web designing techniques suitable for professionals in Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS. The book follows the concept of “teaching through walkthrough,” where Frain goes through each possible scenario. This book is apt for developers who don’t want to rely on template frameworks and know in detail about the codes.

Ben Frain is an author of three CSS books where he gives detailed information on CSS topics and their general use. Frain currently works at as a UX-UI lead. Ben Frain shares his knowledge in CSS through Podcasts, Courses on online platforms, and Blogs. There are not enough codes in this book, but it makes up through CSS designing tricks that create a good UX.

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8. Sams Teach Yourself: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript All in One. - Julie C. Meloni

With this book, web designing pioneer Julie C. Meloni provides readers fundamental knowledge on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at the same time. The book has instructions in an understandable and organized method to help the reader learn from basic to pro level. By the end of the book, the reader can master skills like creating, running, designing, animating, maintaining, and updating a web page through the exercises.

Julie C. Meloni has been a web developer since the first web page went live in 1991. She has helped web designing gain the popularity it has now. Meloni is also the director at i2i Interactive, a multimedia development establishment. Julie C. Meloni is the author t several books, and her books are available in more than 15 languages. She also shares her knowledge through blogs and interactive sessions with web designing novices.

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9. Head First HTML and CSS with XHTML - Eric Freeman

Make way for the guide for web designing experts. Head First HTML and CSS with XHTML by Eric Freeman is a guide for guides. Instead of going through silly basics, this book jumps headfirst into HTML and CSS. This book won’t bore a CSS newbie with surprisingly easy-to-read data and a detailed explanation of rules and principles.

Eric Freeman is a passionate computer scientist who authored some very informative books on web designing. Freeman’s expertise is in graphics and software designing. Freeman is famous for Lifestreaming, a daily electronic diary to shoot and record store personal activities. Eric Freeman wrote this book particularly for professionals in web designing and web graphics.

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10. Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics - Jennifer Robbins

Jennifer Robbins, an initial intellectual investor in web designing, gathers all the information on Web designing in a single book. Learning Web Design is the go-to book for CSS and all the constituent tools like HTML, JavaScript, and Web Graphics. A developer can’t create a web design only using CSS because they need several other tools for execution. This book will show how various other aspects go hand in hand with CSS in web designing.

Jennifer Robbins is one of the initial web designers of today’s internet. She is the developer of the world’s first commercial website. Robbins also authored several books and guide on web designing and front-end programming languages. Jennifer Robbins uses freelancing, teaching, and consulting to spread her knowledge in web designing. As this book covers all tools, CSS-related information might be less, but the information mentioned plays a crucial role in web designing.

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What is the best resource to learn CSS?

There are several educational institutes and online platforms that teach CSS. A student can also use books for this purpose. Even though a book cannot singlehandedly impart knowledge on any topic, it can give the learner flexibility. With a good number of books, students can choose to learn at their convenience and speed. They also don’t have to depend on external factors like location and internet connectivity. So, Books are the best resource to learn CSS.

What is the best book for HTML and CSS for Beginners?

CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems by Lea Verou is one of the best books for HTML and CSS for Beginners. This book holds the first preference in many blogs for the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022.

Can I learn CSS in a day?

Yes. You can learn CSS in a day. But there are some prerequisites like knowing any markup language and basic coding structure. Learn CSS in One Day and Learn It Well by Jamie Chan is a book that can teach CSS in a day.

Can I get a job with CSS?

Yes. The job opportunities for experts in CSS are extremely high because it is a crucial skill in front-end development. Also, if back-end developer learns CSS and related tools, they can become full-stack developers. It can further increase the number of opportunities for them.

How do I become a CSS expert?

Practice is the key in CSS. The one thing that all these mentioned books have in common is the number of practice exercises. Through practicing coding, they will automatically learn to solve problems through the methods discussed in the books.


We discussed in detail all the 10 best CSS books as of Nov 2022. These books, authored by industry leaders, contain a lot of knowledge on the CSS technical problems professionals face. Read any one of the books to know how elegantly placed and described CSS topics can benefit a developer. Knowing it will help you in your education and career. So, go on, grab a book, and get started with CSS.

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