Best Oracle Apex Courses On Udemy

Best Oracle Apex Courses On Udemy

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Oracle Apex or Oracle Application Express is a great app development software. It is a low code, reliable, efficient, integrated, strongly typed, easily understood, and scalable development environment for applications and enterprise software. There are a lot of opportunities awaiting an OracleApex expert professional. Many sources are available to learn OracleApex online and offline. Udemy is an online platform that teaches OracleApex to the unversed. This article will discuss the best OracleApex courses on Udemy.

Best OracleApex Courses On Udemy

1. Learning Oracle Application Express (OracleApex) Training

Learning Oracle Application Express (OracleApex) Training is the finest among the best OracleApex courses on Udemy. This bestseller course is by Infinite Skills and has over 3400 students so far as of November 2021. To learn this course, you will only require a computer and no other extra tools. The course has seven sections and 60 lectures with 5 hours and 29 minutes of class.

This course will provide you with a strong understanding of OracleApex's features. It goes through installations, basics, regions, UI/UX, mobile applications, security, and performance.

2. The Complete OracleApex Fundamentals Course (2021)

Another great course on Udemy is The Complete OracleApex Fundamentals Course. This course by Velchandru M has a 4.1-star rating and has over 9800 students. This course, covered in 6 hours and 48 minutes, has 51 lectures in a total of 12 sections. Basic knowledge of SQL and a web browser are the only prerequisites for this course.

The topics included are basic understanding, setting up, regions, dynamic actions, page processing, shared components, and security. With this course, a student can become fluent in creating applications according to their requirement. They will also learn how to utilize the power of a low-code platform to develop and manage enterprise data.

3. Create Complete Web Applications easily withApex 5

This is an advanced-level course that focuses on web application development with OracleApex 5. Andrew Vega created this course which has a 4-star approval rating and over 3000 students. The prerequisite for this course is knowledge of basic DOS commands, browser utilization, SQL, HTML, and any one programming language.

The course includes installation methods,Apex 5 overview, creating two demo apps, and some bonus features. By the end of the course, a student will be fluent in designing, installing, updating, exporting, and utilizing components of OracleApex.

4. How To Create Complete OracleApex Web Apps Easily

The course created by Michael Nwaogu stands as an easy step-by-step guide to learning OracleApex. More than 2200 students completed this course which has a 4.3-star rating. The requirements for this course are a stable internet connection and a computer. Basic knowledge of OracleApex and the urge to create applications that fulfill user requirements is appreciable.

This course, spread through 59 lectures and divided into eight sections, has a total time of 5 hours and 33 minutes. The course covers core tables, capabilities, report pages, UI, user management, and app deployment topics. By the end, you will be able to create, deploy, and manage enterprise applications with OracleApex.

5. OracleApex 19: SQL, PL/SQL to Web Application Development

This excellent course on OracleApex version 19 compiled by Guha Rajan M has over 220 students. Prior exposure to any programming language is optional. The course consumes 4 hours and 47 minutes and has 14 sections of 49 lectures.

This course goes through OracleApex, RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, Building Reports, Page Designer, and communication topics. IT also has a demo application deployment to apply the skills gained from this course. By the end, the student can master Oracle Apex, SQL, PL/SQL, and features of OracleApex 19.

6. OracleApex Advanced Course - Learn how to use JavaScript

Best Oracle Apex Courses On Udemy.

This is an advanced-level OracleApex course by Velchandru M which got a 4-star rating. More than 250 students studied this course on the customization of applications developed with Oracle Apex. It is a detailed course with nine sections and 41 lectures. It spans over 6 hours and 59 minutes.

The prerequisites are basic knowledge of OracleApex & JavaScript and a web browser. The course discusses setting up AJAX, Modal Dialog, Dynamic Actions, Interactive Grid, and JavaScript API topics. With this course, a student can learn the advanced-level features and functions of OracleApex. They can also become an expert in JavaScript functions in OracleApex.

FAQs - Best Oracle Apex Courses On Udemy

Is OracleApex hard to learn?

OracleApex is an easy-to-learn low code programming language written in readable code. It is easier if you are familiar with JavaScript or some other primary programming languages.

How do I become an OracleApex developer?

To become an Oracle APEX developer, you must study and get certified in OracleApex.

Where can I learnApex?

You can learnApex from several educational institutes and online platforms. While online platforms can be convenient, educational institutes thoroughly teach topics. But good paid online services can combine both these features of convenience and thorough education.

What is OracleApex used for?

The main application of OracleApex is in developing and managing website applications and enterprise software. OracleApex has a wide range of applications due to its salacity and implementation benefits.

Can we learnApex without Java?

Programming language before learningApex. It ensures that you are familiar with website data structures, layouts, and other basic features.


Udemy mainly offers OracleApex courses in English, but some Arabic and Spanish courses are also available. All the OracleApex courses mentioned in this article are by experts in the educational and business fields. One can gain a lot of knowledge from these best OracleApex courses on Udemy. Go on and pick a course for yourself and dive into the world of app development through OracleApex.

Quick List of Best Oracle Apex Courses On Udemy