Oracle Apex - Create button for BI report URL.

How to Call BI Publisher Report from Oracle Apex?

You have created a report using shared component's report query and report layout options and now you want to call that report. Here in this tutorial, you will learn how to call a BI publisher report from Oracle Apex using a button. Follow these steps:

Call a BI Publisher Report from Oracle Apex Example

  1. In Oracle Apex, click on the Shared Components > Report Queries as shown in the below image:

Oracle Apex - Report Queries

  1. Now the list of the Report Queries will be displayed. Select the report query you want to call from Oracle Apex page using a button. Then set the Output Format as PDF and View File as Inline and copy the report URL as shown in the below image:

Copy BI Report URL - Oracle Apex

  1. Save the changes and open the page in which you want to add a button to call the report in Oracle Apex page designer.
  2. The create a button on that page and set the following properties shown in the below image:

Oracle Apex - Create button for BI report URL.

Now save the changes for the page and run. Then click the button to test your BI Report.

BI Report Print Button Example Oracle Apex.

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  1. George

    Can I use the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop version or do I have to install the full Oracle Business Intelligence

    1. Vinish Kapoor

      You only need to install Oracle BI Publisher Desktop. Then you will get the BI Publisher add-on for MS Word to create report templates.

    2. George

      Do I have to install a server to run Oracle BI Publisher Desktop?

    3. Vinish Kapoor

      No. You only install Oracle BI desktop. Then in menu you will find an option to enable BI publisher plugin for MS Word.


    sir g how to call report parameter emp_no against.
    plz tell me


      Plz explain how to excel upload in oracle apex form 


    When I create an environment in the oracle database autonomous you don't have a print server! Do you know if this bi publisher is free? How do I configure it in the free oracle environment?

    1. Vinish Kapoor

      I didn't find any option to configure BI in the free Oracle database autonomous. But you can try creating layout and query and test, I think it should work.


    Plz explain how to excel upload in oracle apex form 

  5. shashi kumar

    Hi actually i tried calling the BI report as you specifeid but iam geeting the error as The print engine could not be reached becasue either the URL specified is incorrect or a proxy URL needs to specified.

  6. srikanth

    Getting Error if I navigate to Button URL

    This page cannot be invoked using a URL or using a GET or POST to the show procedure, it must be called using a "Branch to Page" branch type.
    Contact your application administrator. Details about this incident are available via debug id "1036039547".

    Technical Info (only visible for developers)
    is_internal_error: true
    component.type: APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES 29247000000000
    ----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----
    object line object
    handle number name
    0x3a991ebd28 976 package body APEX_210200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.INTERNAL_GET_ERROR
    0x3a991ebd28 1044 package body APEX_210200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.INTERNAL_ADD_ERROR
    0x3a991ebd28 1517 package body APEX_210200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.RAISE_INTERNAL_ERROR
    0x3a9af3d160 2817 package body APEX_210200.WWV_FLOW.SHOW
    0x3b316b8218 173 procedure APEX_210200.F
    0x3b58aabb90 2 anonymous block

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